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Laser Hair Removal: Pre & Post Care

Our complete guide to how to make the most of your Laser Skin Treatment

Skincare treatments pre care and aftercare of Laser Hair Removal

Embarking on your Laser Hair Removal journey might seem intimidating, but there are some simple rules to follow to make the most of your treatment and keep your skin safe.

If you have any questions, our care team is on hand 7 days a week to answer your questions and any concerns you might have

#1 - Your Assessment

Your assessment will be create a bespoke treatment plan based on skin type, hair type and address any other needs you have

  • As we are delivering medical grade laser, we require full disclosure on your medical history including any prescriptions, supplements and vitamins being taken so we can Identify any other health conditions which makes the treatment unsuitable.

  • Your information is securely stored and only used where absolutely necessary, we handle all data in line with GDPR rules and never pass on your information to any third parties.

#2 - The Patch Test

A patch test is necessary for any treatment, it takes less than a few minutes.

The laser will be applied to clean dry skin which has been recently shaved.

We ask clients are asked to make a note of any heat on the skin, redness or swelling and how long it takes to reduce following the test patch, some redness is normal but we ask clients to document this via pictures so our team can closely monitor the reaction.

#3 - Book in your Treatment

  • We offer convenient flexible bookings

  • We accommodate weekend and after work appointments where available

  • Our central Birmingham clinic has free on site parking, so visiting couldn't be easier

#3 - Before your First Session

  • Avoid waxing, plucking, hair removal creams and bleaching one month prior to hair removal treatments

  • There should be no active tanning and no use of sunbeds one month prior to treatment

  • Do not apply any fake up to 4 weeks before your treatment

  • Shave the day before your treatment day so hair is no longer than 1mm.

These actions help the skin barrier heal from any past trauma, and is key to minimizing any risks of reactions.
We know it may be difficult but the long term benefits will be well worth it !

#4 - Arriving at your First Session

  • We need your body temperature at resting state, so avoid anything which raises your temperature for at least 2 hours before treatment

  • You need to be freshly showered, with any treatment areas free from make-up, perfume, deodorant and body or face creams.

  • Please be on time, but we know life sometimes doesn't go to plan, if you are running late drop us a phone call or text message so we can adjust any other clients who may be waiting.

Its important you and your skin are calm so you can enjoy the experience
Don't be shy to ask questions, our team want you to feel confident & informed!

#5 - After your Treatment

  • It is normal to have some mild redness and swelling of the area this is a histamine reaction and shouldn't last more than 72 hours

  • If the redness becomes itchy, you may take over the counter anti-histamines; please contact us beforehand to advise you correctly

  • Avoid picking or scratching the skin

  • If the area feels hot after treatment at home, you can apply a cool cloth, some restorative non-fragranced topical products such as aloe or calamine please do not use ice directly on the skin.

  • Please ask for recommendations before doing so.

As the skin needs to cool down post treatment, avoid anything which will raise or retain heat on the skin:
  • Wear loose clothing, heated seats, long boots etc

  • Avoid massage, strenuous exercise, sauna, steam, hot showers, hot baths baths and applying makeup to the treatment area for a few days

  • Take cooler showers.

  • Apply sunscreen minimum SPF30, using daily throughout your treatment

Potential Side Effects

The skin is your largest living organ and is exposed to the elements daily which is why following our guide will help minimise risks of side effects.

Side effects are rare but can include

  • Redness or swelling which should subside within a few days

  • If any bruising or blistering, contact the clinic and they can advise accordingly

  • Crusting or dry patches which can be alleviated with a topical cream, avoiding picking will reduce the likelihood of any scarring

  • Changes in skin colour; Some people can experience hyper pigmentation, this normally fades to an even skin tone with time

These side effects tend to be temporary and mild. If any persist your experienced clinician is on hand with advice.

We can assure you it's worth it, for long term results, nothing beats Laser Hair removal

So what are you waiting for?...



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