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Laser Skin

Laser hair removal in Wolverhampton. Every body is unique, as are your needs that's why we only deliver tailor made solutions to achieve your dream skin. Laser Hair removal technology is not equal, at Laser Skin UK, we use the most innovative laser technology with the worlds first and only two gold-class standard lasers; Alexandrite and Nd:YAG delivering unparalleled results and safety credentials. 


Cryotherapy in Wolverhampton with Advanced Targeted Treatment for visible results. Cryotherapy is safe & effective treatment for Age spots, Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry spots and Sun Damage. Cryotherapy emits a fine jet of Nitrous Oxide under high pressure with laser precision to skin imperfections. 


Fungal Nail Treatment in Wolverhampton - Quick &  Highly Effective  treatment of Fungal Nails and Onychomycosis. Avoid spread to other nails and restore Nail health. 


Spider vein treatment in Wolverhampton - Many people experience Spider veins formally known as Telangiectasias these are dilated or broken blood vessels located near the surface of the skin causing pink or red lines usually in clusters. It is common to see these in areas highly exposed to the elements such as the decolletage or centre of the face as well as around the ankles and bottom of the legs. There are many causes for spider veins, heredity and genetics are a common cause of facial veins, it is also commonly seen in those who suffer with rosacea. The Motus AY is a great option for Spider Vein Removal.

 Premium Medical Grade Laser Technology Treatments 

Laser Hair Removal . Cryotherapy . Fungal Nail Treatment . Spider Vein Treatment . Rosacea

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