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Pregnant & Hairy - Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Baby Bumps and Smooth Skin - Everything you need to know about Pregnancy & Laser Hair Removal

Pregnancy can be full of surprises, sprouting new hair or thicker hair in random areas like your back, chest or face is another joy of the increased levels of androgen and estrogen pulsing through your body. Along with acne and changes in your skin texture, this is a common experience, especially in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

This basically happens because your body does not complete the hair growth cycle in the same way you normally would.

The active growth phase called Anagen, this is the most active the follicle is and why we target this phase in Laser hair removal.

After this we have a resting state known as telogen... this can vary in time, but the next stage of falling out is normal and part of the cycle of hair growth.

BUT these increased hormones delay the ‘Falling out’ stage, holding onto all the new hair for longer, making you look hairier in places you might not be used to.

Postpartum a lot of women panic when they have a “Sudden hair loss” - this is in fact telogen effluvium. Your hormones have returned to their normal levels and it creates a sudden shedding of the excess hair.

You are not losing new hair, but it can be stressful to see. If you experience this, remember it is a part of postpartum recovery, be kind to yourself, it is temporary. But if you are worried, speak to your doctor for reassurance.

So What are my Options...

Is Laser Safe?

Laser Hair Removal, like a lot of procedures have no safety studies on your health or the health of your fetus - So as a precaution doctors and any reputable Laser clinician will tell you to wait and not have Laser Hair removal whilst pregnant.

There are some simple, yet sensible reasons why…

  1. You are Very Sensitive

The baby hormones can send your skin into a frenzy, things you have always enjoyed - fragrances, perfumes, foods, even certain fabrics can cause new allergic reactions or irritation. Increased blood supply in your body also increases sensitivity, particularly where your skin is stretched, it may be very uncomfortable to touch let alone treat with Laser.

Laser works by targeting the follicle, our’s is incredibly powerful at reaching the deepest level of the root.

This procedure combined with any pre or post care creams puts you at increased risk of burns, irritation, pain and possible scarring.

As we work to diminish risks at every turn, it just is not wise to take on the increased risks associated with the intensity of Laser hair Removal.

2. Less Effective

The increased hormone levels in your system may mean that if you were to have laser whilst pregnant, you may not see the results you are paying for. The anagen phase is increasingly activated by the hormone levels and so, you might have to have more sessions in the long run to get the results you need. Again this increases risks of skin irritation.

3. Relax… Waiting won’t mess with your Results

If you are in the middle of your Laser course and you get pregnant, playing the long game is always the best option.

Don’t worry that you have wasted your time, you already have the benefits of the Laser having shrunk or completely destroyed some of the follicles. Your regrowth will be patchy and lighter depending on how many sessions you have done. In the meantime you can wax, thread or shave.

When we pick up where we left off it won’t hinder the end results.

What about Post Pregnancy?

Everybody is different, and so take your time with recovery, it can be a long term thing and not to be rushed.

Your doctor is the most qualified individual to assist you in determining when your hormonal balance has returned to its natural state and your skin is prepared for laser treatments.

These discussions will be particularly important if you have any wounds or incisions resulting from an episiotomy or a cesarean delivery.

If you and your doctor are happy, from 3 months postpartum we can do a patch test to see how your skin reacts.

To Wrap it up...

We know pregnancy and post pregnancy can impact your mental health & body image, just remember this is a really special journey which is unique to you will inevitably look and feel very different.

Any elective procedures and beauty treatments that have not been clinically tested in the UK as safe for baby or mum is just not worth risking.

We are here to discuss any questions for new and existing clients, and we’ll be here postpartum to support you on completing your Laser Journey safely.

Remember anything you tell us is confidential, so speak to us today with any questions, queries or concerns: Contact us today



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