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Laser Myths debunked for 2023

Pain-free medical grade hair removal for all skin types and tones

Any 'Laser' Technology treatment can sound intimidating but it is the most tested, well developed and effective processes used in the health and beauty industry.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misconceptions surrounding Laser Hair Removal, so we are here to debunk the top myths and give you the information you need if hair removal is part of your regular maintenance routine...


1. "Its really painful"

The one thing everyone talks about with laser hair removal is the pain. When I would tell friends I was considering it, they warn me to say ‘it hurts 10 times more than a Brazilian wax or getting a tattoo’.

Our Motus AY; a brand-new Alexandrite laser produces the strongest wavelength available which works on all skin types. This is important because it means it delivers 100% of its energy to the hair follicle in comparison to the industry standard of 45% - these lower grade lasers leave the rest of this energy on the skin surface creating the 'hot flick' sensation people find uncomfortable.

Our MOTUS AY has the highest level of safety testing and an inbuilt chill tip; providing enhanced safety especially for people with dark, dense hair.

This laser is the only FDA approved Pain- Free Laser in the world!


2. "It takes too long to see results"

OK, we know the immediate silky smooth of a shave or wax is very satisfying, but seeing regrowth and stubbly legs a few days later (or the same day) is definitely not.

Some clients see a 70% reduction after as little as two treatments with smoother skin, no ingrown hairs or razor bumps. After this the results only improve as each follicle is in a different hair cycle and each treatment will target these new hairs developing at each stage. The results are up to 90% permanent hair reduction, no ingrown hair build up, improvement in skin texture and skin tone.


3. "Its too expensive"

We understand its all relative but lets look at the stats...

The average British woman will spend £6,500 a year shaving or a staggering £23,000 waxing in her lifetime.

If you added up your treatment prices, the additional purchases from exfoliators to moisturisers to spot treatments for blemishes and irritation caused by a lifetime of shaving or waxing - how much have you spent, not to mention time and stress!

Laser can be used on upper lip, sideburns, to underarms, stomach, legs and much more.

Our package deals on 6 treatments can work out as little as £36 per area per session* and in a few months those results are permanent, with no need to treat irritation, discoloration or ingrown hairs.


Conclusion; Not all Lasers are built equal!

From safety technology, to comfort and effectiveness; choosing a Laser which is the best grade possible will always give you the best experience and results.

To learn more about the process and our therapists read our blog, or better still send us a message and we can answer any questions you have!

*based on half body bikini package



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