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SPF. all day. every day.

We all love the sun, it puts us in a great mood, gives us a glow and a renewed energy.

We know we should be protecting our skin on holiday, but in fact we should be doing it all year round, whether the sun is visibly shining or not.

UVA & UVB is part of our everyday lives, the risks are visible & invisible

An easy way to remember…
UV - A for Aging
UV - B for Burning

We are constantly exposed to UVA and UVB. Whilst clouds can significantly reduce UVB, a staggering 90% of harmful rays can still penetrate through clouds.

UV rays are responsible for 80% of visible facial aging conditions by triggering responses in the skin such as melasma or cell dehydration resulting in dry, dull, tight skin. When this damage occurs skin needs far more restorative care than regular skin care can offer and so keeping your skin protected all year long is the best preventative action to help skin look and feel healthy and youthful. .

Sunscreen is essential in the defense against aging skin, however not all are created equal.

“Wearing the Lynton Light Protect SPF50 daily is crucial to safely preventing the broadband of UVA and UVB light from penetrating the skin, this lessens free radical damage, working to prevent premature aging.”

- Dr Sam Hills Clinical director at Lynton Lasers

Lynton Light Protect protects against photoageing; wrinkling, spotting, and lack of elasticity caused by sun exposure. Premium ingredients such as Arginine, improve circulation and oxygen supply stimulating cell growth. Giving broad spectrum protection it prevents both UVA and UVB from penetrating the skin, lessening free radical damage and inflammation linked to harmful cancerous cell damage.

Laser Hair Removal & SPF - A Match made in heaven!

The delivery of high intensity laser energy to the skin during Laser Hair removal makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays, and so it is essential that throughout treatment a broad spectrum SPF 50 such as Lynton’s Light Protect is used daily. Combined with wearing looser clothing and covering up whilst in direct sunlight will help the skin heal and provide the best long lasting results.

What about indoors?

Our lives look very different to how they did 50 years ago, and one of the biggest changes to our health - screen exposure!

From Ipads, TV’s, mobile phones, computers; our screen time is through the roof and unfortunately this is not harmless.

Blue light is emitted outdoors in nature, however the high energy visible light emitted by electronic devices is proven to create oxidative stress in the skin causing rapid aging at a cellular level. So Yes, in our modern world, SPF is for indoors too!

The Lynton broad spectrum Light Protect, can be worn on its own or as a make up base, it light and comfortable, making wearing and reapplication daily, a breeze. Speak to us today about how this can help protect your skin from harm and premature aging.


Read about more ways you can protect your skin from Blue light exposure on Vogue UK here:



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