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Permanent hair reduction, tailored to you 

Welcome to Laser Skin Clinic , laser hair removal in Birmingham. Every body is unique, as are your needs that's why we only deliver tailor made solutions to achieve your dream skin

Laser Hair removal technology is not equal, at Laser Skin UK, we use the most innovative laser technology with the worlds first and only two gold-class standard lasers; Alexandrite and Nd:YAG delivering unparalleled results and safety credentials learn about our technology 


Our technology is faster than market standard making it an efficient treatment for large areas such as back, chest or legs. Laser hair is an investment you won't regret, read how it compares to conventional hair removal here 

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The average British woman will spend £6,500 a year shaving or a staggering £23,000 waxing in her lifetime accounting to 8 weeks of their life!

Not to mention addressing issues with irritation & ingrown hairs to maintain healthy skin 

Our MOTUS MOVEO system can achieve up to 90% permanent hair reduction in 6-8 weeks

Don't wait to experience the freedom this brings 

We have affordable multi area plans and finance options available - see pricing here 

Safe Treatment 

Clinically tested safe on all skin shades 

All treatments are tailored to you, your body area, skin & hair type 

Efficient & Cost effective 

How it works

Our Technology

Light emitted by our two gold-class standard lasers; Alexandrite and Nd:YAG is absorbed by melanin within the hair, this converts to heat and suspends growth within the hair follicle, our laser delivers 100% of energy compared with 45% of industry standard laser - no wasted energy means quicker & more visible results that last longer

How does it feel?

Traditional lasers can deliver heat to the skin causing discomfort; with our pain-free treatment, most feel little to no sensation at all

The built in chill-tip ensures maximum comfort even when treating dense and darker hair

Is it suitable for me?

Our experienced clinician will provide a bespoke plan for your hair and skin type within your free consultation 

Our technology is suitable for all hair types and skin tones with the only exception being grey/ white hair as it retains no melanin for the treatment  

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What our clients say

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