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Fungal Nail Treatment 

Cutting Edge Laser Treatment for Fungal Nail Conditions 

Fungal Nail conditions affect many people, they can be painful, unsightly and cause discomfort.


Our Clinicians are trained to use state-of-the-art Laser technology which provides better results than conventional medicated therapy;

  • Prevention of Onychomycosis

  • Prevention of Spreading of infection to other nails 

  • Restoring Nail health 

How does Laser Treat Fungal Nail Infections

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  • The laser pulsates at the targeted point of infection.

  • The water in the nail bed is heated up by the laser which actively destroys the dermatophytes (fungal organisms).

  • The nail is also restored to its former health

  • Short, Quick Pulsed light reduces any discomfort 

  • This requires no post therapy creams or medication 

  • Dependent on area clients may multiple sessions to fully address the infection.

Price List

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