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Why choose Motus? The multi platform laser delivering Alexandrite & ND:YAG for exceptional results

The most groundbreaking laser hair removal technology available on the market today!

We know the choices of Laser hair removal are ever growing, it can be confusing to know what you’re really paying for - and why the prices and experience varies so much!

Although we can’t comment on what others offer, we can tell you that the Motus AY technology we offer is THE most groundbreaking technology there is on the market today, causing a stir in the industry for its incredible results and effectiveness on all skin tones. Developed by global multi award winning Laser manufacturers Deka & Lynton Lasers.

“Moveo is a unique laser technology based on 4 fundamental concepts: effectiveness, speed, safety and simplicity.”

Lynton Laser UK

The Motus technology uses the two most two most effective forms of laser available on the market today Alexandrite; suitable for light skin tones and ND:YAG safest for dark and deep skin tones.

Where other clinics might be limited on who they can treat, we are able to safely treat any skin tone types (1 – 6); not just the traditional 1 – 3. without compromising client safety or compromised results.

Not only that, this is the world’s only system to deliver a multi platform Laser in a completely pain-free mode

Any residual heat will be cooled with the built in safety chill tip feature so most patients don’t feel a thing!

Our results are held to the highest clinical testing for safety and results, it is FDA approved, and is recommended for use within the NHS; so this is technology you can trust.

“I love that the treatments are so quick, if i’d known it could be so convenient easy I would have done this years ago”

Clients who have had laser previously are often surprised by the speed of our treatment time - worried you’re not getting value for money?

Quite the opposite...

Less effective lasers do not deliver all of their light energy to the bulb of the hair follicle meaning the treatment is slower and areas may need to be repeated to ensure full delivery.

Our Moveo system allows the laser to deliver 100% of its energy, meaning our practitioner can offer double the laser transmission to the skin than traditional lasers.

All this means a super quick treatment time, safe in the knowledge you have received the most effective treatment available on the market today.

Experience the difference today

Our Motus Moveo system can achieve up to 90% permanent hair reduction in 6-8 weeks, along with reduction in ingrown hairs and improved skin texture from the first session.

Check out our Instagram to view real clients results and client testimonials, or speak to us today with any questions!


The DEKA Motus alexandrite laser was recently featured in RealSelf News click here for more help to choose the best laser hair device for your skin.

To learn more about why the YAG system is optimal for dark skin, check out this article from BYRDIE



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