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Your Path to Laser Skin Smoothness, Why Medication Disclosure Matters for Client Safety

Hey there, smooth operator! Are you tired of the never-ending battle with unwanted body hair? Well, my friend, Laser Hair Removal at Laser Skin is the right path for you, before you get ready to zap away those pesky hairs, there's an important step you shouldn't overlook - disclosing your medications.

Our Laser is a medical grade machine, proven to deliver incredibly quick and effective results. The reason why? It is more powerful, and wastes no energy making it remarkably superior to other Laser's offered on the market. For you this means better, safer results & quicker treatment times.

But to achieve this we need your open & honest input so we can deliver the silky smooth results you deserve.

We're here to give you the lowdown on what and why medication matters!

No More Medication Mystery

So you've booked your laser hair removal appointment, and you're ready to get started. We will always give you a thorough consultation to talk through the process, your personal concerns, and for you to ask us any questions.

We will also ask you to disclose your medical history and list supplements and medication you may be taking or have taken recently, we promise, it's not just us being nosy - some medications can affect the process and the outcome.

We need to know about:

  • Prescription Medications with names and dosages

  • Over-the-Counter Medications

  • Herbal Supplements

Medications in the retinoid family, antibiotics, or even some herbal supplements, can make your skin more sensitive to the laser. We're talking about increased risks of burns, blisters, and discomfort that nobody wants to deal with. We need to know it all, so we can give you the most effective treatment possible - without compromising your safety.

The Medication Rundown;

4 types of Medication we need to know about

1. Photosensitizing drugs: These medications increase sensitivity to light and can lead to skin reactions during the laser treatment. Examples include certain antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and some acne medications like isotretinoin (Accutane).

2. Topical creams: Certain topical treatments, such as retinoids and hydroquinone, can make the skin more sensitive, as can common skin care exfoliates such as AHA's and BHA's found in toners or face wash, these should be discontinued before laser hair removal.

3. Herbal supplements: Some herbal supplements, like St. Johns Wort, garlic or ginseng can also increase sensitivity to light and may interfere with the laser treatment.

4. Blood thinners: As the laser penetrates to the deepest follicle level it can burst the small blood vessels around the follicle. For most people this won't cause any issue or pain, however those taking blood thinning medications like Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Warfarin it can cause bruises or swelling.

Its worth noting some herbal supplements such as Vitamin E Oil and Omega 3 also have blood thinning properties, so should be discontinued before treatment

- We can give you all the info during your consultation

The Sooner, The Better

When it comes to disclosing your medications, there's no such thing as being fashionably late. The sooner you spill the beans, the better. Share your medication list during your initial consultation, so your technician can tailor your treatment plan accordingly.

Safety First, Smoothness Second

Medication disclosure isn't just a formality; it's about your safety and getting the best results from your laser hair removal journey. Your technician is your partner in this, helping you achieve that silky-smooth skin you've been dreaming of.

So, there you have it, the scoop on laser hair removal and why disclosing your medications is essential. Now, armed with this knowledge, you're ready to take the plunge and zap your way to hairless bliss. Get ready to say goodbye to those razors and hello to the smoothest skin of your life!

Remember, the laser is your friend, but your technician is your laser's BFF. So, spill the meds and let the zapping begin! 🚀✨



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